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North Georgia and its beautiful mountains, history, parks, and rivers are a great place to live and work which is why Sue chose to call it home. After working in transportation for 18 years Sue needed a career change. For the past 35 years she has been passionately dedicated to real estate. As a real estate professional, she strives to provide excellent customer service to buyers, sellers, agents, and lenders; and show integrity and diplomacy in all her deals. Sue’s first passion is real estate, however, when she is not in the office or volunteering, she is helping preserve and study history as a member in several local historical societies or she is cooking for her church and family. Sue has received many awards over the past 35 years, with her most recent award being the 2020 “Agent of the Year” award. As a seasoned real estate professional, Sue remains dedicated to excellent customer service, integrity, and diplomacy serving the beautiful North Georgia community.
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